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The Private Lender’s Perspective with Josh Shein

Collecting Real Estate
Collecting Real Estate
The Private Lender's Perspective with Josh Shein

In the hundred-and-twenty-ninth episode of Collecting Real Estate, we interviewed Josh Shein of Trius Lending Partners.

Josh Shein is a real estate financing expert with over 20years of lending experience, handling more than $1 billion in transactions. Josh started his career focused in the mortgage and reverse mortgage sector of real estate and is now focused on hard money and long-term rental lending as a partner at Trius Lending Partners, the MidAtlantic’s premier private money lending company.

Josh is passionate about helping people make the most of their real estate investments, using his experience and knowledge to provide sound advice and education through webinars, and in-person workshops to educate people at all experience levels about the real estate investment process.

As a seasoned professional with a common-sense approach to getting things done, Josh’s expertise has led his company to be named Baltimore Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Private Company of 2022 and recognized at the Inc 5000 as one the Fastest Growing Companies in Maryland and U.S.

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